Where do ex zoo and circus animals go?

MATV visited Zambi Wildlife Retreat- a safe haven for  zoo and circus animals .When it opens to the public  in 2016 it's set to become Australia's first retirement village for animals who have finished their careers i...

Here’s a taste of our Aussie Animal Stories

Join Australian Television newshound Tracey Preston on her wild adventures as she introduces you to ordinary people doing extraordinary work with animals. Meet wildlife carers working 24/7 to save native animals and l...

This bloke saves injured birds and teaches them to fly again!

In this video you'll meet Aussie Bird Whisperer -Josh Cook a wildlife carer who has a special bond with the birds he rescues and rehabilitates. Josh is an avian behaviourist and is also known by the locals as 'The Bro...

Meet the Australian Nurse Saving Wild Patients!

For the past 35 years former nurse Margaret Howley has dedicated her life to saving Australia's injured native wildlife. At 71 years of age Margaret is still working the night shift tending to her wild patients.This i...

A Close Encounter with an African Lion!

Media Animal.Tv's reporter Tracey Preston has an incredible encounter with a one year old male lion named 'Kibuli'. He is a former zoo lion who was rejected by his mother at birth. Kibulu now lives at 'Zambi' Austral...

Birds dish out good medicine to old folk

Kris Stanley a vivacious entertainer and her collection of brightly coloured  birds and adorable animals entertain old folk in nursing homes.  Kris dishes out her own form of good medicine! You will not believe the re...

My special relationship with ‘Rosie’ my alligator

The Australian Reptile Park's wildlife ranger, Mick Tate has a very special relationship with Rosie –an American Alligator – who he has hand raised. Alligator Rosie gives Mick kisses and hugs. You have to see this ...

Champions of the race track now work as therapy horses.

Retired racehorses once former champions of the Australian race track now work with people with disabilities and special needs. Its a win win for everyone involved in the program run by the #Australian Turf Club. &...

Why does this dog have a black tongue?

Most dogs have pink tongues however there is one breed of dog whose tongue is black ! Watch this video to find out which breed it is!

Facts about birds that will astound you!

Bird lover Krissy Stanley who has had a passion for birds for many years shares some astounding facts about them.On love,diet their intelligence and much more!

Learn more about Wombats!

Roz and Kev Holme are wild life carers who have been caring for injured Australian wildlife for over 20 years. In this video they share with you some interesting facts about Australia's adorable Bare Nosed Wombat

This bloke breeds the most beautiful rabbits!

Allan Harvey is a flamboyant Chanel Makeup artist and  knows everything there is to know about rabbits . He’s an award winning rabbit breeder  and exhibitor and lives with a colony of the most beautiful rabbits you’ll...

Why is this Koala Australia’s Celebrity Magnet?

A-List stars from Jennifer Lopez to David Hasselhoff line up to snap a picture with  koalas at  Wild Life Zoo Sydney where we filmed this story The koalas at the zoo attract celebrities from all corners of the glob...

How to make a dog friendly birthday cake

Is your pooch celebrating a birthday soon? Why not bake a dog-friendly delicious peanut butter and banana birthday cake. Lisa Haynes from The Gourmet Dog Barkery in Newcastle shares her recipe in this latest video....

Meet the Pet Stylist to the K9 Stars!

Mitchell Waygood is an award winning flamboyant dog groomer . In this video you'll see Mitchell work his magic on Snowy the poodle.Mitchell owns and runs 'Shear Elegance'a Pet Styling Salon in Blacktown on the outskir...

How to groom your dog like a pro!

Australia's award winning dog groomer Mitchell Waygood shows you how to groom your dog at home and explains the best dog shampoo and to utensils to use.

An amazing reunion with a gorilla after 20 years

Two decades on its an amazing reunion for two gorillas and the people who cared for them when they were babies. Its a tear jerking moment

Why did this Kangaroo stop hopping?

Watch this 'Fast Animal Fact'-to find out which body part of a Kangaroo does it need to hop?

How to train your bird to fly free

Josh Cook is an avian behaviourist .He’s also known as The Bronte Birdman and treats birds for both emotional and physical ailments. In this video Josh shows you how to teach your bird to fly free .You’ll also meet...

Is the Tasmanian Devil Doomed?

  Australian Reptile Park curator ,Liz Vella  is doing her utmost to help save Australia's Tasmanian Devil from oblivion.Tasmanian Devil numbers have plummeted because of an infectious cancerous facial tumor ...

Meet Australia’s Bird Whisperer

Josh Cook is an Australian avian behaviorist who treats birds for both physical and emotional problems. He rescues injured birds and cares for them at home where he lives with many species of birds including his much ...

How to feed keep a pet snake

Reptile expert and snake breeder Ben Dessen demonstrates how to feed and house a pet snake. Find more stories on snakes & other reptiles

How to choose a pet rabbit to match your personality

Are you a Rex, Tan Netherland or Dwarf rabbit type? Perhaps a Mini Lop? To find out which breed of rabbits suit different personality types you need to meet Australia's award winning rabbit breeder Allan Harvey who wi...

We visit a cafe for dogs only!

'The Gourmet Dog Barkery'-  is a cafe / bakery for dogs only. The cafe is stocked full of healthy dogs biscuits and treats-all baked by owner Lisa Haynes and lab tested by Lisa's top pooch 'Sampson

Met an ugly African bird who was kinda beautiful too!

While on vacation in Zimbabwe Tracey Preston visits the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust and meets 'Judge' a hand reared 'White Backed Vulture' and Wildlife Veterinarian, Dr Chris Foggin . Dr Foggin & 'Judge' share a spe...

Does your CAT have what it takes to win ‘Best in Show’?

Media Animal TV visited the #ANCATS Kitty Kapers Cat Show in Sydney Australia to meet the CAT judges ,breeders and CAT owners to find out what the judges look for when judging. and what qualifications you need to beco...

How Smart is your Dog?

Want to find out how smart your dog is? World famous dog trainer Steve Austin shows you how - All you need is a bucket and a ball! You’ll have fun trying this at home with your dog! Find more animal training videos

OMG! Why did this goldfish change colour?

Watch this Fast Animal Facts video and find out what made this goldfish change colour?

Which cat breeds make awesome Pets!

Host of Media Animal TV #TraceyPreston visits the #ANCATS Kitty Kapers Cat Show in Sydney  and speaks to cat breeders and owners about their cats. We find out about different breed types and their personality traits.I...

Train your cat to wave goodbye!

There's plenty of information about how to train your dog but what about training your cat? World famous animal trainer Steve Austin shows you how to teach your cat to wave goodbye! Find more animal training videos

Australia’s Beauty Pageant for Cats!

#Tracey Preston takes you inside the world of ANCATS Kitty Kapers Cat Show where you'll meet people obsessed with cats,cat breeders and you'll get some tips from the judges on how your cat could become a top cat! www....

Astounding Koala Facts

In this video WILDLIFE Sydney Zoo keeper - Kylie Hackshall shares some astounding facts about Australia's adorable marsupial-The Koala. You'll also see some amazing Koala video footage

This guy lives with 40 Kangaroos!

Ben Dessen is a wildlife expert who lives with more than 40 Kangaroos. He is  care taker at a wildlife sanctuary in Dural .(a suburb on the outskirts of  Sydney) The Sanctuary cares protects and rehabilitates Kangaroo...

Saving a turtle who has NO eyes!

Wildlife expert Ben Dessen explains the mystery of 'Maree' an Australian Eastern Long Neck Turtle who has NO eyes. Maree was handed into to a wildlife sanctuary in Dural just outside of Sydney and is being cared for b...

Facts you didn’t know about Kangaroos

Ben Dessen  who is an Australian wildlife expert and caretaker at a wildlife sanctuary in Dural ,Sydney  his incredible knowledge about Australia's iconic Kangaroo. You'll learn some astounding things you might not kn...

Recovery Pet Jacket

Media Animal TV  received an email all the way from Canada today. Vet Dr Beata Zakowicz told us she had invented a 'Recovery Pet Jacket'. The jacket helps  animals recover more quickly after surgery. MATV thinks 'The ...

A bulldog love story from Norway

Dog owner Kai Halvorsen could not bear the thought of leaving his beloved bulldog Igor at a kennel, when he would go on vacation to Thailand with his family. To surprise Igor, and the rest of the family, he turned the...

Hero cat saves boy from dog attack

Watch this amazing surveillance video  as a neighbors dog attacks a young boy on his bike and his cat come to the rescue and chases the dog away saving the boy. The boy suffered injuries and had to have stitches but h...

Australia’s Top Dog Competiton Winners 2014

Meet the talented 4  Aussie pooches who took out the titles of  Australia's Top Dog Competition , Riley is Top Glamour Dog, Jindabyne is Top Working Dog, George is Top Pet Dog and Badger is Top Talented Dog winner.

Meet a real life Mermaid!

Mermaid Kazzie Mahina can hold her breath under water for over 3 minutes and swims with whales and dolphins. She has even invented a mermaid like flipper called a Merfin!  Learn more about Kazzie & Mermaids

MATV’s Eco Warrior, Ben Dessen as seen on Channel 7’s Sunrise

Ben Dessen is a 21 year old animal science student who has been breeding reptiles since he was six he has a garden shed crawling with every lizard you can imagine. Ben was chosen out of a group of 1,000 internation...

Meet the couple who run a Wombat ER!

Meet Roz and Kev Holme from Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue who have dedicated their lives to saving wombats struck down by the horrible skin disease-mange. Roz and Kev converted an old caravan in their backyard into a W...

Meet a woman who runs an agency for animal actors!

Meet Ann Harris - An animal actor's agent for Animal Talent Time Agency.

Smart Cows

If you thought cows were dumb this video will change your mind

Could your pet be a film star?

Does your pet have film star good looks or a special talent? Ann Harris owner of Animal Talent Time Sydney ,an agency for animal actors tells you what attributes your pet needs to be discovered or  the potential make ...

A Boy and his Dog

This is a heartwarming story of a little boy with a rare disability and his rescue dog and their incredible bond.. Get your tissues ready

Britain’s biggest dog!

Freddy is an 18 month old  Great Dane and is believed to be the biggest dog in the world! He also has an enormous appetite and is a handful for his owner who still adores him despite him destroying many a sofa..

Pig goes surfing in Hawaii

Kama the piglet just loves the water and hanging five in the Hawaiian surf. Media Animal TV thinks he's adorable

How to train your dog to find your keys?

Ever lost your keys? You bet - we all have! Well finally - there's an answer! World famous Australian dog trainer Steve Austin demonstrates how you can  train your dog to find your lost keys.