Media Animal TV

Media Animal TV is the brainchild of Tracey Preston, an Australian television news journalist (hound) with a passion for uncovering unique animal related stories.

Tracey brings you some of the most unexpected animal stories from Australia and beyond and introduces you to the inspirational tales of ordinary people doing extraordinary work with animals.

There’ll be some fantastic take home tips and advice from world renowned pet and animal experts.

You’ll see videos that entertain, educate and celebrate animals!

So if you love animals as much as we do. You are going to love Media Animal TV! There’s no bad or sad news here. When you tune into MATV you’ll be left with a warm heart and a big smile!

Meet The MATV Team

Tracey Preston - MATV Creator & Host
Tracey Preston - MATV Presenter & Creator

Tracey Preston – MATV Presenter & Creator

Tracey is a television journalist with over fifteen years experience reporting and presenting Australian Television news for Channels 9,7,10 and SBS.

Tracey has been covering the animal story beat for many years- a career highlight as a Channel 7 journalist was traveling to Zimbabwe with cricket legends Alan Border, Carl Rackemann and David Gower to raise awareness about the devastating effect poaching was having on the Black Rhino

As Executive Producer of MATV she has produced and covered countless stories about Australia’s own threatened species as well as unique stories about the ordinary people doing extra ordinary work with animals along the way..

Tracey has also worked with big brands like Purina to positively shift Australian mindsets about adopting abandoned animals, and through her agency ‘Media Animal’ represented some of Australia’s most dedicated and talented people helping to better the lives of animals..

Tracey truly believes animals are a direct link to our heart! For more about Tracey visit www.traceypreston.com

Frank - MATV Co Host
Frank Co Host on MATV

Frank Co Host on MATV

Frank was the much loved co-host of MATV but unfortunately lost his battle with cancer at age 12 in August 2015.

He’s was Tracey’s adored boxer and was the nicest guy – well dog – you’d ever meet. If only human’s had more of Frank’s qualities!

Frank is deeply missed by Tracey and the MATV crew x RIP dearest Frank.

David May - MATV Cameraman & Producer
David May - MATV Cameraman/Producer

David May – MATV Cameraman/Producer

David May is a talented up and coming cinematographer who shoots and produces MATV’s eclectic mix of animal stories.

He’s a can do enthusiastic guy who gets on well with both animals and humans!

When he’s not filming animal stories he can be found time-lapseing the night sky at 2am, hanging off cars shooting music videos and writing the occasional comedy pilot.

To see more of David’s work visit www.dangerouxfilms.com

Steve Austin - Dog Trainer Extraordinaire
Steve Austin - Dog Training Expert

Steve Austin – Dog Training Expert

Steve Austin is an Australian dog trainer, who has been training dogs for over 25 years. He is renowned as one of Australia’s top animal trainers, with a particular skill in dog behaviour and training.

His lifetime in dog training has seen him train animals for quarantine, search and rescue, police work, and wildlife preservation, among other roles.

He has also travelled internationally lecturing and training dogs. Steve will be sharing his training tips and advice with you on MATV For more about Steve visit www.steveaustindogtrainer.com

Josh Cook - Bird Expert
Josh Cook - Bird Expert

Josh Cook – Bird Expert

Josh Cook is an avian behaviourist who has been rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for birds for more than 20 years.

Josh has also been referred to as a bird whisperer- he really understands how birds think and he treats all types of birds for both physical and emotional problems. Josh Lives in Sydney, Australia with his flock including his much loved Macaws , ‘Mango’ and ‘Crush’ who he has taught to Free Fly.

Josh will be sharing his training tips and you’ll get a wonderful insight into his amazing life with birds.

Check out Josh’ blog Birdwork at www.birdwork.com.au

Kazzie Mahina - Mermaid
Mermaid Kazzie Mahina

Mermaid Kazzie Mahina

Kazzie Mahina, a Byron Bay woman who lives life as a mermaid will be making a splash on MATV from time to time.

Kazzie swims with whales and dolphins and will take you on her ocean adventures exploring the marine life along the way.

For more about Kazzie visit www.mahinamermaid.com

Ben Dessen - Eco-Warrior & Bird Expert
Ben Dessen - Science student, conservationist & Eco-Warrior

Ben Dessen – Science student, conservationist & Eco-Warrior

Ben Dessen is an animal science student with a passion for wildlife and all things reptile. He breeds snakes and lizards, rescues injured Aussie wildlife and plays a leading role in the feature film’ Rise of the Eco Warriors’ about saving the orang-utan in Borneo.

Visit www.ecowarriorsrise.com for the full EcoWarrior’s story.

He’s a new breed of conservationist and will share his expertise on wildlife and reptiles.

Allan Harvey - Rabbit Breeder & Exhibitor
Allan Harvey - Award willing rabbit breeder

Allan Harvey – Award willing rabbit breeder

An award winning rabbit breeder and exhibitor. When not tending to his much loved rabbits Allan works as a makeup artist.

Allan will share his incredible knowledge on how to breed, groom , show and care for rabbits.

For more about Allen visit www.allearsrabbitstud.com

Roz & Kev Holme - Wombat Rescuers
Roz & Kev Holme - Australian Wildlife Carers

Roz & Kev Holme – Australian Wildlife Carers

Roz and Kev Holme have been rescuing and rehabilitating injured Australian wildlife for more than 20 years.

They have a special place in their heart for the bare nosed wombat and have converted a caravan in their backyard into a wombat hospital to treat critical cases.

For more on Roz & Kev visit www.cedarcreekwombatrescue.com