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My special relationship with ‘Rosie’ my alligator

The Australian Reptile Park's wildlife ranger, Mick Tate has a very special relationship with Rosie –an American Alligator – who he has hand raised. Alligator Rosie gives Mick kisses and hugs. You have to see this ...

How to train your bird to fly free

Josh Cook is an avian behaviourist .He’s also known as The Bronte Birdman and treats birds for both emotional and physical ailments. In this video Josh shows you how to teach your bird to fly free .You’ll also meet...

Birds dish out good medicine to old folk

Kris Stanley a vivacious entertainer and her collection of brightly coloured  birds and adorable animals entertain old folk in nursing homes.  Kris dishes out her own form of good medicine! You will not believe the re...

Here’s a taste of our Aussie Animal Stories

Join Australian Television newshound Tracey Preston on her wild adventures as she introduces you to ordinary people doing extraordinary work with animals. Meet wildlife carers working 24/7 to save native animals and l...

Facts about birds that will astound you!

Bird lover Krissy Stanley who has had a passion for birds for many years shares some astounding facts about them.On love,diet their intelligence and much more!

This bloke breeds the most beautiful rabbits!

Allan Harvey is a flamboyant Chanel Makeup artist and  knows everything there is to know about rabbits . He’s an award winning rabbit breeder  and exhibitor and lives with a colony of the most beautiful rabbits you’ll...

Meet the Pet Stylist to the K9 Stars!

Mitchell Waygood is an award winning flamboyant dog groomer . In this video you'll see Mitchell work his magic on Snowy the poodle.Mitchell owns and runs 'Shear Elegance'a Pet Styling Salon in Blacktown on the outskir...

How to groom your dog like a pro!

Australia's award winning dog groomer Mitchell Waygood shows you how to groom your dog at home and explains the best dog shampoo and to utensils to use.

How to feed keep a pet snake

Reptile expert and snake breeder Ben Dessen demonstrates how to feed and house a pet snake. Find more stories on snakes & other reptiles

How to choose a pet rabbit to match your personality

Are you a Rex, Tan Netherland or Dwarf rabbit type? Perhaps a Mini Lop? To find out which breed of rabbits suit different personality types you need to meet Australia's award winning rabbit breeder Allan Harvey who wi...

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